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Sydney’s One Central Park


sydney’s one central park by jean nouvel features lush vertical gardens

forming the centerpiece of sydney’s carlton & united brewery development, ‘one central park‘ climbs to a height of 116 meters, boasting what has been referred to as ‘the world’s tallest vertical garden’. designed by acclaimed french architect jean nouvel, the scheme is composed of two towers, 16 and 33 levels respectively, that rise above a four storey retail podium. the mixed-use project, which has been developed in collaboration with local practice PTW architects, provides the australian city with 563 apartment units, offering high-end living at the heart of the urban center.

The taller eastern tower features a cantilevered reflectorinstallation (the heliostat), which incorporates 320 fixed and motorized infrared panels, designed to redirect sunlight to otherwise shaded areas of the plan. at night, the heliostat becomes a monumental urban chandelier that appears in the dark sky like a floating pool of LED lights that merge into a giant screen and simulate reflections

wrapping the structure in vegetation, planters, vertical vines and green walls extend the surrounding parkland upwards, bringing the a sense of nature into each residential unit. the plantation also helps reduce energy consumption with leaves that trap carbon dioxide, emit oxygen and reflect less heat back into the city than traditional fixed shading.